Custom 3D Designer

Looking for a custom 3D designer? At UtilityGaffs, you now have access to one of the most creative custom 3D designers on the market. Shaun Jay uses his background as a professional magician to his advantage. Most designers may bring to the table the standard “school of thought”, whereas Shaun developed a knack for creative problem solving, unlike most.

The desire to become a custom 3D designer came out of necessity. Shaun has been creating custom props for his show for a while, even before 3D printing and 3D design became widely available to consumers. Once the technology became readily available, Shaun decided to tap into it in order to upgrade his current props. He then started to develop this reputation amongst inner circles of professional performers as the “go-to-guy” for making custom props and designs. Shaun Jay has helped and trained under many other industry professionals such as Mike Michaels, the amazing Las Vegas based prop builder who has created unique props for stars such as David Copperfield and Criss Angel.

custom 3d Designer


Mike Michaels: Human Robot

Shaun’s custom designs and creations have helped separate him from other professional performers as he would always bring something unique and original to the table.

Shaun now uses his knowledge and skills as a 3D designer to help not only other creatives, like him, but customers in all types of industries. Whether it be an idea for a new product or invention, a toy or a toaster, Shaun Jay possess the creative design skills and experience to help bring your project from idea to reality!

So don’t let those amazing ideas in your head just “poof” vanish in a puff of smoke without ever seeing the light of day. Contact Shaun today and get the ball rolling on your next custom 3D design project!


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